What is Art of Printable ?

A quick summary of what this project is all about.

Ramon Lucas

Ramon Lucas

Web Design | Digital Marketing

Photography from Unsplash by  unsplash-logoChris Barbalis


Simply put, this project is the result of legally stealing beautiful images from Unsplash, reimagined and packaged as wall arts. 

This idea started when I noticed a lot of best selling printable wall art sold on Etsy looks quite familiar to me. That’s when I realize that a number of them are in fact photos from Unsplash. Quite a lot in fact and some are not even edited. Just curated, inserted into a frame mockup and sold as a digital print product.

Not that there’s anything bad about this. It’s made clear that we can use the photos anyway we want may it be for personal use or for commercial. And some sellers do make justice with the images by combining the best ones together and making a beautiful wall art gallery, and some edit the images with awesome lighting enhancements and cool texture that make it totally looks different and perfect for printing. 

The whole point is if designers are curating beautiful photos and turning them into sellable products, maybe so can I. And let’s also make it free. Because why not.

GIF from Tenor

Why Art of Printable?

Because it sounds cool. At least for me. And I’ve spent almost 2 hours trying to get a good sounding domain on NameCheap and this is what I got. 



What’s the end game?

My initial plan was to make this a hobby, like collecting beautiful photos and just making as much digital prints as I can make. Later on I started doing printable motivational quotes and verses using hand written fonts and adding illustrations to them, and I have to say it looked quite good and I even sold physical copies of them on both Amazon and Etsy. 

My new goal is to create more original products along side printable made with Unsplash. Target is to add two or more designs per week and hit 10,000 free downloads this 2019.

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